ANBI stands for “Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling”, or in English: Public benefit organization.

When at least 90% of the efforts of an organization are focused on the general good and the other requirements are fulfilled, the Dutch Tax Administration can approve the organization’s application for an ANBI status.


Advantages of donating to ANBI

If you live in the Netherlands, the advantage of donating to a ANBI is that you can deduct your gift from you taxable income. In this way the NL tax office helps pay for your gift. This tax benefit can amount to half of your gift. Another benefit for the ANBI is that it is exempted from gift tax, as well as inheritance tax.

A one-time donation is tax deductible if it is more than 1% and less than 10% of your total year income.
Periodic donations with a notarial deed are for at least 5 years and may be deducted at all times. This also applies if they are less than 1% or over 10% of donations from your total income. Companies can make a donation to an ANBI foundation and deduct the donation from the company’s profit when the donation does not exceed 50% of the profit with a maximum amount of EUR 100.000 per tax year.

For more information about the exact rules, please visit the website of the Netherlands Tax Service.



In October 2015 the Dutch Tax Administration granted stichting IplusANBI the ANBI status. By donating to the stichting IplusANBI, you support the projects of i+solutions that aim for a world without unmet medical needs.

How to donate?
Transfer your donation to:
Stichting IplusANBI
Polanerbaan 11
3447 GN Woerden
IBAN: NL80RABO0301668809

year_report_iplus_anbi_2017_met_goedkeurende_verklaring.pdf  + anbi_year_plan_v0.81.pdf


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