Our history

i+solutions was born in 2005, as a training and consultancy department within the International Dispensary Association Foundation (IDA Foundation). We later went on to become an independent organisation. Over the last 14 years, we have provided services that support the procurement and distribution of essential medicines, supporting governments and organizations in their quest for creating sustainable access to medicines and health products. During this history, our portfolio has been continuously expanded and our services, adapted to local and contemporary needs.

We believe in a world without unmet medical needs

Towards the end of 2015, the global community finalized the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG s) which set global targets for economic, social, and environmental standards. Health is centrally positioned under Goal# 3 and covers essential health priorities that impact the other goals. Although great strides have been made towards achieving these goals, many people are still suffering from or dying of preventable and treatable diseases, such as tuberculosis, malaria and HIV/ AIDS. An estimated 2 billion people especially in low and middle income countries,still do not have access to the medicines they need because of gaps in healthcare infrastructure and delivery services. Together, we can change that. We endorse the SDG's and believe that access to health is a human right. To make this a reality, it is important that essential medicines and health commodities never go out of stock, and that all patients can receive affordable, quality treatment. Since the year 2000, the number of deaths caused by TB, malaria and HIV/ AIDS has decreased by 40%, thanks to global partnerships dedicated to making a positive impact on public health and fighting preventable diseases. i+solutions is proud to be one of these organizations. But we know there is still a long way to go and we also recognize that access alone is not enough, it must be combined with preventative measures and education, particularly regarding the spread of disease. For this reason, we have made sexual and reproductive health one of our top priorities.

We team up to develop health infrastructures

Developing countries must become resilient if they are to become less dependent on foreign interventions. For this reason i+solutions puts high value in its consultancy and capacity-building projects, which aim to develop health infrastructures so that countries can manage them by themselves. Our motto is "pills and skills": Pills will save lives now, but only by helping our clients develop their skills locally, can we guarantee sustainable access to health in the long run. Our specialists work closely together with our consultants to provide the best possible solutions for each country. We operate as a partner in the whole public health supply chain, linking and cooperating with different organizations. i+solutions has built a solid reputation for its results-oriented approach and we are pleased to share the impact of these efforts with you. 



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