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Moldova in-country consultancy services

Home based with site visit to Moldova


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Title of Assignment

 Moldova in-country consultancy services


Home based with some site visits inside the country




From:    August 2021     

To: December 2021            


I Plus Solutions Foundation

Project Title:

Development  of unified PSM strategy for EECA countries  

Arona Background and Justification

Looking from the perspective of the whole EECA region it should be noted that there is a wide diversity in PSM models used in different countries and their maturity. Still, the technical barriers related to PSM area are often similar (e.g. impossibility to procure from manufacturers/import medicines in foreign packaging/unregistered medicines; taxation; further weighed down by legal restrictions). This is the result of historical and political background, level of economic development, presence of international donors, etc. Level of efficiency of PSM systems directly impacts patients access to the treatment. One of the contributing factors which led for increasing of AIDS-related mortality is a significant treatment gap of 72% that exists in the EECA region. This is also justified by the fact, that the countries in the EECA region continue to pay some of the highest prices for ARV therapy among middle-income countries.

In the light of transition from GF funding to national governments which is now taking place regionally with different dynamics, it is essential to assure that governments demonstrate readiness to take over PSM functions for medicines. Keeping in mind priorities set by the donor, considering strong assumptions that the share of ARV procurement within the national (country) budgets, as a rule, constitutes a perceptible part of it along with imposed budget limitations, improvements for PSM functions are highly sought after. This leads to conclusion that unified overarching strategy for EECA region countries may highlight area for relevant PSM building capacity interventions and improve patients access to life-saving medicines.


  1. Provide technical assistance to Moldova for implementing PSM;
  2. Provide recommendations to improve the PSM regulatory framework;
  3. Strengthen the capacity of government officials and responsible CSOs for different functions of the PSM cycle.

Stichting Iplussolutions is a Sub-recipient for multi-country project “Sustainability of Services for Key Populations in Eastern Europe and Central Asia” with a support of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and is looking for 1 local consultant for Moldova in-country consultancy services.

Scope of Work and Objectives.

Under the direction of the General project manager  and procurement consultant, in-country consultant  will:

  1. Ensure logistics of the planned activities to organize PSM strategy presentation event and training;
  2. Ensure efficient communication with in-country stakeholders from both NGO and governmental domains and ensure their participation in a planned event;
  3. Provide analysis and review of the materials for the event to ensure their adherence to current country environment and stakeholders needs;
  4. Take participation in other potential capacity building activities for the Center for Centralized Public Procurement.
  5. Support country data and legislation data gathering, its review and evaluation, in case of need
  6. Prepare a personal schedule of work for assignments highlighted above.

Maximal working hours planned to be 300.


Based on CV, documental approval of requirements, consultancy fee offer per one working hour and on-line interview. Consideration of bids will be made by the Successful Bidder Approval Committee (the Committee) within 2 (two) business days after the expiration of the deadline for submission of bids.


To be fixed in contract based on described scope of work.

 Payment Terms

 The consultant will send a monthly invoice with worked hours and payment will be made upon satisfactory completion of deliverables/services provided.

 Qualifications of Successful Candidate

  • University degree in Public health, Economics, Finance, Jurisprudence, Management.
  • At least five (5) years of experience in Public Health sector or in HIV/AIDS area.
  • Excellent knowledge of English is required, Russian language is highly desirable.
  • Expertise in using MS Word and MS Excel.
  • Strong communication skills (written and oral) are a necessity.

Application deadline is 02 AUG 2021

Interested candidates can send CV, cover letter, filled-in  Salary history-eng and documents confirming qualifications and offer for consultancy fee per hour to following e-mail address: