i+solutions leads consortium to streamline patient access to essential treatments in Nigeria


 i+solutions is the lead partner in a consortium working with the Nigerian government on the Nigerian Supply Chain Integration Project (NSCIP). Financed by the Global Fund and administered by the Nigerian Ministry of Health, the objective of NSCIP is to improve patient access and availability of medicines – through visibility, control and efficient last mile delivery, which aims to reach health facilities in the most remote parts of the country.  It will also ensure tighter integration of zonal supply chains between Federal & State, Donors, Public & Private Sector, and across commodities - HIV, Malaria, TB, Reproductive Health and Vaccines. The goal is to create a streamlined, cost effective and ultimately more sustainable National Pharmaceutical Supply Chain.
Other partners in the i+consortium are Pharmaceutical Systems Africa (PSA), Sustainable Healthcare International (SHI) and the University of Benin. The four partners will focus on the development of an integrated Logistics Management Information System (LMIS) and creating Logistics Management Coordination Units (LMCU’s) in all of Nigeria’s 37 states. It will also develop an education package to train the trainers and develop a reporting system. At a recent NSCIP retreat in Abuja, the Minister of Health, Isaac Adewole, said “Without supply, there is no health system. When you have an integrated supply chain system, there will be nothing like out of stock, nothing like it has expired, which sometimes happen”.
i+solutions began working with the NSCIP project in 2015 by setting up a pilot project in 14 states. NSCIP is now being considered as the benchmark for similar capacity building health projects on the African continent. Global Fund, which has long been a partner with i+solutions is investing over €4.5m in Nigeria’s health sector over the next three years.

i+solutions is a leading, non-profit organization providing access to best-priced, internationally recognized, quality health products and supply chain management solutions to low and middle income countries. We work with global partners in health services, pharmaceuticals and logistics to create customized interventions to improve the effectiveness of health systems. Our head office is located in Woerden, the Netherlands. We also have offices in South Africa, Nigeria, Burundi, DRC, Rwanda and SA.

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