Reaching the Last Mile in Malawi

10 October 2017

Before 2016, Malawi had very limited storage capacity for health products outside of the main cities (Lilongwe,  Blantyre, Mzuzu and Zomba).  This made it very difficult for people living outside these areas to have access to medicines.
In 2016, the Ministry of Health of Malawi obtained grants for building additional storage capacity that would increase the accessibility to medicines and so improve health care in remote areas.
i+solutions partner PSFCM, and Resolve are the service providers for 115 Storage-in-a-Box solutions for USAID and Ministry of Health, which were completed in 2016. The partnership is also a current supplier for the rollout of an additional 95 Storage-in-a-Box units, funded by the Global Fund. To date, 88 units have already been handed over to the Ministry of Health.
In addition to the limited accessibility of medicines, Malawi is also facing other major challenges: power generation is not meeting demand and blackouts are scheduled routinely. In response, the Ministry of Health has enlisted the services of PFSCM and Resolve Capacity to procure and deploy a PV solar solution in 85 existing health facilities in 2018. Resolve has extensive experience with the various Health Centers across the country, and has installed units at over 200 facilities, including almost all District Hospitals.
By deploying PV solar solutions, we will decrease the dependency of the health facilities on the national power supply network. This will greatly reduce the unavailability to health care due to due to power outages, as well as reduce money spend on alternative energy sources. 



D. Wirtjes-Lewis

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