Request for Proposal RFP 032022 – Covid Therapeutics Molnupiravir i+ solutions is a leading not-for-profit organization providing access to high quality medicines and related products to low and middle income countries through innovative supply chain management solutions. Our organization works with global partners in health services, pharmaceuticals, and logistics to create customized interventions to improve the effectiveness of health systems. We are providing procurement services to international and domestic donors for procuring pharmaceuticals and other health product categories.

Our Approach:

Working with eligible and reliable suppliers in collaboration;

Delivering quality medicines and health supplies at the best value by leveraging industry best practices for planning, procurement, storage and distribution;

Promoting transparency to ensure accurate and timely supply chain information is collected, shared and used to improve decision making;

The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to invite suppliers to furnish proposals for Molnupiravir to i+solutions in accordance with all applicable terms and conditions and the requirements defined in this RFP Erwitte  

Download the tender document here:

Ystad RFP for the Supply of Monulpiravir 032022

Please send your responses by 17th of March 2022 to


Best regards,


The Category Management Team


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