i+solutions is designing and delivering quality trainings on all aspects of supply chain management of medicines for over 10 years. We leverage on our core expertise in supply chain management for global health to develop and offer cost-effective training solutions.

Online courses
I+academy offers affordable, flexible solutions for health professionals to learn or deepen their expertise on the supply chain management of medicines. We cover all steps of the supply chain cycle as well as essential managerial functions. Visit i+academy to discover our courses, available in four languages.

Free e-courses developed by i+solutions
In addition to the facilitated courses on supply chain management of medicines and health products, offers free short stand-alone courses on the following subjects:
• Introduction to HIV/AIDS and the supply chain management of ARVs
• Quantification of medicines and health products
• Introduction to Antimalarials
Participants who complete all lessons, quizzes and exercices receive an e-badge. Questions and in-depth issues can be further explored through a discussion forum.

Face to face approach
We tailor our courses to the specific needs of a variety of clients, and deliver them in a traditional classroom environment. Participants get additional access to our online content.

Blended approach
We offer blended solutions combining online and face to face trainings for each separate module, or for a combination of several modules, to match specific learning needs and promote optimal learning impact. The blended method also includes a mix of performance support through supportive visits, on-the-job training, coaching and mentoring and job aids.

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