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The traditional development aid model of providing medicines for free to patients in low and middle-income countries is becoming obsolete as countries become increasingly less poor and are expected to become more self-sufficient. However, many barriers for effective supply chain management still exist today such as suboptimal stock control, diversion and counterfeits. In our view, the so-called transition or graduation of countries requires an integrated approach with innovative concepts and rigorous implementation over a longer period. Creating more effective and efficient supply chains in low and middle-income countries requires cooperation of all stakeholders involved: donors, governments, supply chain partners, technology providers and last but not least civil society and patient organizations. We as i+solutions are a facilitator to make this happen and have developed an integrated approach, called WISE, to overcome the barriers. The WISE approach includes an overall vision based on innovative supply chain concepts enabled by integrated IT systems and well-trained staff on effective Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

In figure 01 below all our activities are logically visualized from sourcing to logistics all the way down to the health facilities and ultimately the patients.

Most of our work is done in partnership with other organizations, such as international donors, Ministries of Health and NGO's. For a complete list of the organisations we have partnered up with, please check our Partners page.

As a procurement agent, we have a track record of buying high quality, generic medicines at the best possible price. As a supply chain specialist, we support low and middle income countries. Our consultants evaluate loopholes in national health systems and then develop intervention plans, which comprise training programmes for healthcare providers, in-house supervision and other capacity-building projects.

Here are some of the reasons why i+solutions is a partner of choice in pharmaceutical supply chain management for developing countries:

+    Independent of big pharma: we can purchase medicines and health products from any producer
+    High quality supply chain management services, since we are a hub of supply chain specialists
+    Essential medicines bought for relatively low prices due to large scale procurement
+    Long track record: remarkable past performance in volume and budget, over 10 years of experience
+    We are innovative, always thinking ahead about the health needs of the future 
+    International staff, connected to local needs, culture and markets. To see all the nationalities our team comprises, please visit our People page.

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