World Aids Day 2017 - Message from i+solutions CEO Ed Monchen

Ed Mochen CEO i+solutions

On this World AIDS Day, we join with our colleagues and partners in recognizing everyone’s basic right to health.

Much has been accomplished since the world first embarked upon a comprehensive plan to treat the disease and stop its spread. Nearly 21 of the 37 million people living with HIV are now on treatment and new infections and AIDS related deaths are on the decline in many countries.

As a member of the Partnership for Supply Chain Management (PFSCM), i+solutions makes a positive impact on HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment through the Pooled Procurement Mechanism. The  PPM is a Global Fund strategic initiative that aggregates order volumes for HIV/AIDS, Malaria and TB on behalf of grant recipient countries. The program maximizes purchasing power to negotiate favorable procurement pricing and delivery conditions with manufacturers. To date this collaborative effort has improved access to medicines and health products in 64 countries.

Unfortunately, marginalization and geopolitical factors have prevented similar success in other parts of the world. The most vulnerable populations are now found in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, where HIV infections have risen by 60% since 2010 and AIDS related deaths by 27%. Similarly, countries in Western and Central Africa are also not making the progress necessary to influence long term results. In this region, over 60% of those affected either have no access, or are unaware of their status. This is partly due to the lower priority of global health donors for those countries. We must do better if we are to meet the 2030 goal of 90% diagnosed, 90% on treatment and 90% suppression.

Together with our partners, i+solutions is helping to make a difference in this region by working with the Nigerian government to create a more effective public health supply chain system, which will improve patient access to several disease programs, including HIV/AIDS. This system, called the Nigerian Supply Chain Integration Project is being funded by the Global Fund and is expected to make a significant and positive impact on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the disease. The i+ Consortium is a four member partnership comprising Pharmaceutical Systems Africa (PSA), Sustainable Healthcare International (SHI), the University of Benin and i+solutions. The objective is to develop an integrated Logistics Management Information System and create regional coordination units to manage logistics aspects of the supply chain. Once successfully implemented, this project has the potential to improve the delivery and control of HIV/AIDS and other disease programs in neighboring countries.

i+solutions will continue to work with governments to help them take control of their health systems by making them more sustainable and resilient. We will also continue our efforts to eliminate marginalization among key populations, by ensuring that medicines and core products are regularly available at an affordable price. 

Finally, on behalf of our consultants and the rest of our staff, I would like to express my appreciation for your partnership and collaboration in our common struggle against the HIV/AIDS epidemic. I am certain that by putting the right to health at the forefront of our endeavors, we will succeed in eliminating HIV/AIDS once and for all!


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