Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board of i+solutions has the following members:

Guus Eskens - Chair of the Supervisory Board

After a career working in the pharmaceutical industry, Mr. Drs. Guus Eskens has been involved in development aid since the mid-eighties. Among other activities he worked in the health care industry in Africa, and was the Managing Director of CARE Netherlands for 10 years. During this period CARE Netherlands developed into a solid organization focused on supporting fragile states and improving the disadvantaged position of women in these countries. Prior to becoming the MD of CARE Netherlands, Guus Eskens was director of Cordaid, the foundation Memisa Medicus Mundi and IDA Foundation.

Maya Mungra

Maya Mungra has broad experience in audit, finance and risk management in the financial services and inclusive finance industry. After 10 years as an external auditor at EY, Maya was vice president internal audit at a leading Dutch bank. She has also served as director finance at a Dutch listed company and was global head of audit of one of world’s largest privately held social investors. In the past years Maya held seats on the advisory board of a leading microfinance organisation and on the board of a Dutch micro insurance association. Working in several countries has provided her experience with and appreciation for the dynamics of multicultural societies and business cultures. She currently works as an independent consultant in the financial and inclusive finance industry and is an advocate for children’s rights in her country of origin Surinam.

Peter van Rooijen

Peter van Rooijen is currently CEO of ICSS (International Civil Society Support). From 1984 onwards he has been involved in numerous developments in the field of HIV/AIDS. Initially he started as a volunteer, later he worked as a psychotherapist and later as Director Care Services at The Schorer Foundation. In 1992 Peter van Rooijen becomes Managing Director of the Aids Fonds. In the year 2000 Peter van Rooijen established, together with development organizations Oxfam Novib, Hivos, ICCO and Cordaid Memisa, the Aids Foundation STOP AIDS NOW! In 2005 he becomes Director of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. In that same year he founds the International Civil Society Support (ICSS) of which he is currently the CEO.

Michel Jacobs

Michel Jacobs works at the Rotterdam based law firm Ploum Lodder Princen and has been a partner since 2004. He specializes in contract and competition law and works in a commercial advisory and litigation practice. His clients are mostly (international) companies and institutions. Michel Jacobs has extensive experience in assessing and negotiating commercial agreements. He also assists companies being inspected by the Authority for Consumers & Markets and/or the European Commission. He heads the practice group Competition Law, and is part of the team Care of his firm. He is also very active as a speaker, and acts as a visiting teacher at the Erasmus University Rotterdam in competition law.

Kees Ruijgrok

Prof. drs. Kees Ruijgrok is professor emeritus Transport & Logistics at Tias Business School of the University of Tilburg, in close collaboration with the Technical University Eindhoven. Kees Ruijgrok has many years of experience teaching in the field of transportation and logistics, and is an experienced researcher and advisors in both the field of freight and passenger transport. He has been involved in numerous international research projects.



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