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Our vision & mission

We dream of a world where no medical need goes unmet. Suffering or dying because of a lack of medicines is inhumane. That’s why we do whatever it takes to create better access to medicine for people around the globe. Our job is done when every person on this planet has access to the right medication & medical supplies at the right place and time.

And we know how. Since 2005, i+solutions has set the industry standard for health procurement. We drive an innovative agenda to improve global health supply chains. We combine procurement, training, project management, quality assurance and technical expertise to make a difference from the first to the last mile, closing the gap between patients and medicine.

Big dreams ask for big solutions. That’s why we work with global donors, countries, and partners to make a difference daily. These partnerships enable us to scale our solutions, drive industry innovation, and conquer new challenges. Together, we combine big hearts with big data to improve supply chains that secure accessibility and care.

We’re here to close the gap. And together, we can!

Our core values

Impact by innovation

After implementing projects for 17 years in the global health supply chain across Africa, we have developed an innovation agenda. This ranges from a block chain pilot in the north of Nigeria to creating end-to-end visibility for optimizing supply chains with modelling and modern techniques such as machine learning. Our senior leadership has worked for many years in the private sector and has gained experience in how to improve logistical supply chains. We are now applying this private sector knowledge and network to the benefit of global health supply chains. Last year we developed a whitepaper on how we believe global health supply chains can be improved through innovative new ideas. We are sharing this vision with relevant stakeholders and will publish a high-level version later in 2020.

17 years of i+solutions

i+solutions was founded in 2005 as a training and consultancy  department within the International Dispensary Association Foundation (IDA Foundation). We later became an independent organization. Over the last 17 years, we have provided services that support the procurement and distribution of essential medicines, supporting governments and organizations in their quest to create sustainable access to medicines and health products. Our portfolio has continuously expanded and our services have been adapted to meet local and contemporary needs.

Annual Report 2021

Learn more about our work by reading our Annual Report.

Our Supervisory Board


Co Berendsen

Chair of the board

Co has had a long business career. He has led organizations up to 3000 employees as COO, for major computer and telecom companies. In the past 12 years Co has been Partner at a Dutch consultancy firm. In that capacity he has advised senior leaders in a wide range of organisations on operational excellence as well as on Leadership. His strengths are in particular the ability to translate complex issues into everyday practice, where possible with a pragmatic approach. Co has, as a facilitator for 10 subsequent years, taken senior executives on a leadership trail to the wilderness of South Africa. He is still active as a business coach for young leaders in innovative businesses.


Harry van Schooten

After graduating as a medical doctor and training at the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam, Harry worked with Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and the German Technical ooperation (GTZ) in various positions around the world. Harry has many years of experience as Senior Health Advisor at the Dutch Ministry of Foreigh Affairs and Board member of several NGOs in the health sector. His main focus areas are access to essential drugs, disease control programs and biomedical research for malaria, TB and neglected and poverty-related diseases. Harry contributed to wide-spread use of artemisinin-combination therapy against malaria. Harry is owner of EUVADIS, consultancy in promoting and supporting public-private collaboration in the area of Global Health.



Martine Kok

Martine has a passion for Finance, Logistics and International Management. She has worked for 18 years for TNT Express and Logistics in a variety of roles in Finance & General management and Mergers & Acquisitions leading multi-country organizations and departments from 80 to 300 people. She currently works as CFO for Roll Group. As a student Martine conducted a study on Public Private Partnerships for slum redevelopment. For that purpose she worked for a NGO in the slums of Mumbai, India. While working for TNT she has been involved in setting up the partnership with the World Food Program called Move the World. Martine holds a MBA from Cornell University (USA) and a MSC in Systems, Transportation and Logistics Engineering from Delft University. 


Michel Jacobs

Michel Jacobs works at the Rotterdam based law firm Ploum Lodder Princen and has been a partner since 2004. He specializes in contract and competition law and works in a commercial advisory and litigation practice. His clients are mostly (international) companies and institutions. Michel Jacobs has extensive experience in assessing and negotiating commercial agreements. He also assists companies being inspected by the Authority for Consumers & Markets and/or the European Commission. He heads the practice group Competition Law, and is part of the team Care of his firm. He is also very active as a speaker, and acts as a visiting teacher at the Erasmus University Rotterdam in competition law.

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