We are i+solutions

Around 2 billion people around the world lack access to essential medicines, such as those to treat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis. In the year 2016 alone, these three diseases have killed approximately 6 million people. Since then, this number has diminished by 40%, thanks to the effort of numerous organisations that aim to reduce the gap in access to medicines and healthcare.

i+solutions is part of that history. We are an independent not-for-profit organization specialized in pharmaceutical supply chain management for developing countries. We work to make sure that essential medicines reach the hands of those who need them, and that they never go out of stock.

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i+solutions' work is based on a double pillar: we offer pills and skills. Our services comprise:

  • Procurement services for HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis and Reproductive Health + Essential Medicines
  • Training and consultancy in supply chain management, in order to make health systems in developing countries more resilient 

We are ISO-9001 certified.

Our 14 years of dedication makes us experts in improving access to medicines.

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