We offer procurement
and logistics services
for life-saving and
essential health products

for standard supplies as well out-of-stock and emergency situations.

What you need, when you need it and where you need it.

We distribute essential medicines and health products all over the world to more than 70 countries. By working with contracted partners, we ensure high quality products for an affordable price. We flexibly adapt to situations that cross our path and apply innovative ways of working, continuously improving service to you. We are data focused, in order to optimize processes and offer you transparency. We believe that innovation is key to strengthen global health supply chains, which is why we have established our innovation hub.

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Services We Provide

Procurement and logistics support

PSA for The Global Fund

We are the largest procurement service agent for the Global Fund’s Pooled Procurement Mechanism. We are responsible for the procurement and logistics of Anti-retroviral, Anti-Malaria and Essential Medicines for over 65 countries. We supply constantly at an on-time and in-full delivery performance above 90% and contribute to the delivery of HIV treatment to over 4.6 million patients and malaria treatments to over 100 million patients.

4PL Services

We have many years of experience as 4PL. We boast in-house experience with pharma suppliers and manage shipments to over 70 countries. We ship around 1.500 containers on a yearly basis by sea and transport around 1.000 tons of products by airfreight. We work with best-in-class global logistics service providers and manage their competitive freight contracts to offer our clients the best freight prices. We have developed a strategy that has saved our clients over USD 15 million in 3 years.

Procurement and Logistic Service

With our 15 years’ experience as procurement agent for large global donors, we offer our clients the opportunity to buy high quality products at an affordable price. Our track record of delivering health commodities in over 70 low- and middle-income countries ensures customers will receive the desired goods on time and of the desired quality. Our in-house freight and health experts take care of supply chain management, following our ISO certified procedures for conducting good procurement practices.

Pandemic response services

Our procurement and supply chain management services are fully equipped to support in emergency response situations, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic. With our extensive experience in the procurement of health products, we procure PPE commodities to protect, kits and equipment to test, medicines to treat and ultimately vaccines to prevent. Because of our global logistics network, we can deliver from manufacturer to end patient in any country.

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COVID-19 Procurement Portal

i+solutions has launched an online procurement portal for COVID-19 personal protective equipment (PPE) aimed to support low- and middle-income counties as well as NGOs in the procurement of PPE products. The online portal offers an entry point for requests for high-quality COVID-19 related PPE commodities at an affordable price. i+solutions has contracted suppliers that manufacture against high-quality standards. The products are shipped by the most reliable logistics service providers that perform under i+solutions contracts as well. The portal offers the opportunity to request for products, but also offers free or charge quantification tool that supports clients in quantifying the correct amount of PPE products needed for their recipients.
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Few Key Stats

Results of the last 12 months

COVID-19 creates challenges for everyone. The global supply chain landscape has changed enormously and i+solutions also faced many issues. Despite of these challenges, we have done everything we could to deliver on time.
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