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i+academy is i+solutions' low bandwith e-learning platform, offering courses that span the entire supply chain management (SCM) cycle in four different languages: English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.
At i+academy, we use our core expertise in global health supply chain management to design quality trainings on all aspects of the public health supply chain of low- and middle-income countries. The trainings are suitable for health professionals of all levels of the health system.

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i+academy offers general and specialist SCM courses, competence-based training trajectories, as well as options to turn content into courses to support health systems in scaling up interventions in a cost-effective manner. Courses can be accessed via mobile devices and computers and the learning environment is optimized for a low-bandwidth environment. We also provide technical assistance with the training of online facilitators, course development, and scale-up of Moodle-based e-learning solutions.

Online training on i+academy

Our e-learning platform offers cost-effective online courses to healthcare professionals in over 135 countries. The 6-week sessions provide healthcare professionals in-depth knowledge on supply chain management of medicines. Each session is supervised by an expert online facilitator. i+academy is designed for low-bandwidth environments and consumes little data. The sessions are available for computer, tablet and mobile - online and offline.

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In-country training

i+academy delivers training on all aspects of supply chain management, including face-to-face training sessions in-country. We can provide standardised, 5-day intensive courses on a chosen aspect of the supply chain. Another option is a bespoke training consisting of a needs assessment, sessions of customised length and content tailored for specific challenges and situations.

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Customized training

We create practical courses for on-the-job skills that can be directly implemented in the work of the professionals. For this purpose, we make use of case studies and local content in order to match the training courses as closely as possible to the day-to-day practice of the professionals.

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Ellen Mandla, South Africa (course alumni)

Really enjoyed the topic and I have learned a lot that I didn’t know

Nomsa Shongwe, Quality Control Pharmacist, Swaziland

The videos and scenarios including articles were appropriate to convey the message

Victoire Medi Muhigirwa, Depot Central Medico Pharmaceutique, Democratic Republic Of Congo (course alumni)

The assignments were challenging and very interesting and made me learn more and read more. The course material was so much practical

Bilene Guintse, ACMS Cameroon (Course alumni)

The examples given are totally good and made me understand easily the methods of quantification

Aude Wilhelm, United Kingdom (course alumni)

Good theoretical background linked to the responsibility along the procurement supply chain from the time of supplier order receipt to country central warehousing

Course alumni, Europe

I like the learning approach and also appreciate that I can still have access to the course material for review of relevant aspects of the course when I need to do so

Asif Ali, United Kingdom (course alumni)

Laboratory Standardisation - It was useful to learn the framework and how countries should approach it given this is a key challenge in many countries; I think this was pitched at a good level without getting too specific

Meet our training consultants.

Kim van der Weijde

IT Project Manager DOS

Carole Piriou

Senior training Coordinator