We believe in resilient, empowered societies

We help countries to strengthen their health system
and become sustainable.

i+solutions is active in several projects that aim to solve bottlenecks in the access to medicines in low- and middle-income countries. Not only do we procure essential medicines and health products, we also strengthen public health systems by conducting training and consultancy activities so that countries can improve their internal capacity and eventually take full control of their pharmaceutical supply chain.

With our consultancy and projects, we aim to structurally improve the supply chain in low- and middle-income countries. We are active in various health programmes such as HIV, TB, Malaria, vaccines, family planning, maternal health. We use various tools to improve the supply chain in countries:


Analyzing the current system to create insight into areas for improvement.

Logistic systems

Implementation of our eLMIS Medexis, to improve end-to-end visibility of in-country health supply chains.

Innovative solutions

Like blockchain technology or the Informed Push model that improve the delivery of medicines to the Last Mile.

Training courses

Courses to train staff and build capacity so local teams can manage the supply chain themselves.

A selection of our successful projects

Over the last 15 years we have made an impact with our projects in various counties.

The Informed Push Model at the last mile in DRC

The introduction of Informed Push led to a more efficient and effective logistic system, contributing to improved responsiveness and quality of the health system.

Creating innovative end-to-end visibility with eLMIS Medexis

Medexis is an easy to use eLMIS, available for smartphone and tablet, that provides logistical visibility along all echelons of the supply chain.

Blockchain pilot in Nigeria

We have developed together with our technology partner, Unchain, a blockchain solution to connect existing logistical systems across the whole supply chain. In many LMICs different systems are often not integrated, so supply chain decisions are based on fragmented and outdated data.

Ministry of Health – Kingdom of Morocco

We acknowledge i+solutions' responsiveness and praise the continuous efforts of the i+team to supply quality products at the best price, respecting the delivery deadlines and their assistance during shipment and aftercare.

LMCU Coordinator, Oyo State Nigeria

Thanks to the work of i+solutions state LMCU now has more accurate and complete data such that partners come to the unit for data confirmation/validation.

Deputy Director of Pharmaceutical Services Muhammadu Abdullahi Wase Teaching Hospital

i+solutions' blockchain solution was very simple to operate yet highly technical, and will make procurement process simpler, precise and less time consuming

Meet our consultants.

Matthieu Wolff

Manager DOS

Kim van der Weijde

IT Project Manager DOS

Frank Roijmans

Senior Advisor Reproductive Health

Cornelis de Groot