Our stories

We are committed to go the extra mile to achieve our mission and create impact on the lives of people all around the world.

We strive for operational excellence.

i+solutions is well known in the market for operational excellence and being a successful service provider. During interviews I experienced that i+solutions is ambitious, and wants to keep growing, while also focusing on talent management and personal development. People have a genuine passion for what they do and give it their all to be successful for their clients.

I have been part of the high potential training programme, whereby I received personal coaching for a year, focussing on personal development. Also, vacancies are always posted internally first, giving employees the opportunity to apply for jobs, also if it would mean a promotion for them. Furthermore, the Management Team is very accessible for all employees and focuses on personal development of employees as well. We all have a passion to do what we do.

Bastiaan Vlietstra (Netherlands)
Senior Category Manager

Anuschka Veldhuis head of innovation

Anuschka Veldhuis (Netherlands)
Director Impact &  Innovation

There is room for people to grow, horizontally and vertically.

I have always had the ambition to work internationally, and supply chain management was an excellent field of business to pursue that. After my graduation, I worked in a big pharma company for a while, but I knew back then already that my heart truly lay in the field of humanitarian supply chain management. I have always been eager to use ‘commercial’ practices for the benefit of helping others. Therefore, the i+solutions mission, culture and ambitions seamlessly integrate with my personal values and beliefs.

When I joined i+solutions back in 2006, the total number of staff was about 10 people, so there was no such thing as onboarding. Moreover, and this a true story, I applied for the position of ‘Tender Coordinator’. During my interview, we talked about my educational history and the ambitions of i+solutions (back then named IDA solutions) and I was hired as ‘Logistics Consultant’. In the months after, I transformed to the role of Procurement Specialist and held many other roles after. So, how I was onboarded, moving into new roles very quickly, is something that struck me the most and has been one of the most compelling aspects of my career within i+solutions.

Staff are given the opportunity to grow and develop if they have the ambition to do so. Individuals can really put a personal stamp to their own career within the organization. But vertical growth is not the only way how people can develop further. i+solutions also gives the opportunity for people to develop in a certain expertise and grow as a content professional. I have been developing from a content field (procurement and supply chain management) and through project management, IT implementation towards business excellence and innovation. And I am not unique in my journey, I have seen other colleagues following a similar path or the other way around, from management position towards a more expert-based position. I think the most important message I want to give is that individuals themselves can play a big part in writing their own career path.

i+ creates impact by :
  • innovating new ideas and ambitions
  • implementing with the right tools and techniques
  • interrelating to everyone sharing the same ambition
  • inspiring the full eco-system to go the extra mile
  • imagining concepts and visualizations to achieve the best results

And with this: make the world a better place for everyone.

Ample space and opportunity to develop.

The most important thing, not just for me but also my fellow colleagues, is the mission, the fact that we contribute to delivering medicines to patients who need them and improving their lives. When I started at i+ 5 years ago, I felt the nice atmosphere, the friendliness and open mindedness of the people I met. i+solutions gives people ample space and opportunity to develop, but they have to be willing to take it. If you have the ambition to grow and develop your talents, i+ will help you in any way they can. We are currently implementing a Talent Management program to keep even better track of employees’ developments. The people and culture that we have are what the company thrives on.

Claire Dechambre (France)
HR Strategy Manager

Claire Dechambre HR Strategic Manager

Ben Smith (United Kingdom)
Head of Procurement and Supply Chain Services

We are all dedicated to the mission.

When I saw the vacancy, the mission and purpose of the organisation spoke to me immediately. I am always impressed by the commitment and enthusiasm of my colleagues and team. Over my 14 years at the company, I have been fortunate in experiencing many growth possibilities. i+solutions has helped me with my career growth via several trainings and coaching and has given me the possibility to work on different projects, all with their own nuances and challenges. If I have to give one characteristic for i+, it would have to be the dedication of staff in servicing those in need.

A lot of diversity, but we think alike.

I was working for a fashion company and felt I needed to make more impact with my work, especially as the world was in the middle of the Covid crisis at the time. I thought, how can I use my knowledge and skills to contribute to this situation in the world? I found the vacancy on LinkedIn and immediately thought i+solutions was an interesting company, supply chain focused, and very diverse. I was hired during one of the lockdowns, so the office was quite empty, apart from my direct colleagues who were on my team. I felt very welcome and got introduced to all relevant people. I started to work on procuring personal protective equipment, like face masks and gloves, so at that time it was a very hectic period. 

A lot of effort is done by management to help people develop, so the opportunities are there. I was enrolled in the High Potential program, from which I got more than I expected, practising a lot of soft skills, growing my self confidence, learning how to present and for example lead a discussion. In the HiPo program, I worked on a project that was completely new to me, together with the other HiPo’s from outside my team. Of course, it takes time to grow into a new role, this does happen overnight, you have to bring experience. I am at the moment trying to find out what fits me, where do I want to be a few years from now, and within i+ there is room for such a search.

i+solutions has a family oriented culture, we have a similar mindset, despite the different cultures. Diverse but alike.

Paul Wintgens (Netherlands)
Operational Team Lead GDF Project

Paul Wintgens Global Supply Chain Planner
Prabhati Gogte Legal Counsel

I see i+ as an ambitious & hardworking organisation that works to solve real world problems.

During the pandemic we were all reminded of the importance of medical support. Hence, i+solutions’ vision of ‘We dream of a world where no medical need goes unmet’ seemed very relevant. I was most struck by the entire organisation being very approachable and collaborative. My role has tremendous opportunity for growth and i+ gives me required support – such as brainstorming with relevant stakeholders/seniors, required trainings, access to subject matter experts etc. I see i+ as an ambitious & hardworking organisation that works to solve real world problems.

Prabhati Gogte (India)
Legal Counsel

I got to provide my views on the strategic roadmap of the organization.

The mission of i+, making essential medicines accessible to all, is what attracted me the most. I have always had a heart of making an impact in the lives of others, for which I get myself involved in various volunteering activities. When I found that I can also do the same through my work, I was motivated to go for it. Also, through a friend (who is also an employee of i+), I was impressed with the diversity of the organization and the sense of being valued that was present in i+.

The onboarding process was basically simple and welcoming, with flowers and a team lunch. When I got the overview of all the departments in i+, I was struck by the openness and the ease of accessibility, irrespective of the hierarchy.

I have not been with i+solutions for that long, but so far, i+ has given me the opportunity to explore new areas in my technology and develop my technical/ functional skills, providing me the space to set my priorities and goals. I also got to participate in various discussions and provide my views around the future strategic roadmap of the company. So I would say, i+solutions is characterised most by trust and open communication.

Ezhil Dhanapalan Performance Information Specialist

Ezhil Dhanapalan (India)
Performance Information Specialist

Kim van der Weijde Product Manager

Kim van der Weijde (Netherlands)
Product Manager

i+ is at the forefront of innovation.

I have known i+solutions for many years, and they have always seemed at the forefront of innovation, supporting access to medicines while also promoting sustainability.  I wanted to be a part of an organisation that is continuously expanding to new frontiers and believes in building programs that have the potential to create long term solutions. Right from the start, i+solutions showed their high level of commitment to their employees, and that they will support them in succeeding. i+solutions encourages its employees in taking initiatives, providing support where necessary to achieve these. Personally, this has really motivated me to pursue advancements in the projects and set high ambitions. When I wanted to push my career forwards, i+solutions also supported me in this, creating the opportunity for me to expand into new fields. i+solutions is innovative, energetic and eager to expand into new frontiers in supply chain.

An open and collaborative atmosphere.

When I was looking for a new job and found i+solutions’ vacancy, I was attracted at first by the company’s diversity with so many nationalities represented, and of course its mission. Once I joined, I felt a really open and collaborative atmosphere from the beginning. Being committed is one of the core values of i+ and I experience that every day. i+ encourages everyone to work on their own development plan and supports us to work towards our goals. The company is all about commitment, collaboration, and innovation.

Fatima Rodriguez Supply Chain Specialist

Fatima Rodriguez (Spain)
Supply Chain Specialist

Annette de Nie

It’s hard work, but it pays off.

I have always wanted to work for a company with a more ideological background and I found that in i+solutions. Well, at first I thought it was an IT company, the name seems to imply it, but when I read about the purpose and mission, I was immediately interested. I first applied as a PA to the CEO, before passing on to my current role that includes also communication. My interview with HR and CEO felt like we made a click right away. Having spent most of my career in management support functions, I wanted to develop myself in a different direction, but still close to my heart, and chose to do a Corporate Communication training during the Covid-19 lockdowns. i+ was always supportive of my ambition and trusted me to try things out, which eventually led to me leaving my comfort zone and plunging into this new role. I am really given the time to grow into it too, which is great. Employees who have ideas and ambition to develop themselves, will be given the chance here. It’s hard work in a dynamic environment, but it pays off. I also feel i+ pays a very decent salary, considering that this is a not-for-profit foundation. i+solutions really fits me like a glove; the work, the team, the purpose.

Annette de Nie (Netherlands)
PA / Communications Officer