Medical oxygen plants project

In 2021, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic when the world experienced huge oxygen shortages, i+solutions was awarded oxygen equipment and consumables as an additional product category to its Global Fund pooled procurement mechanism agreement. Among others, we started procuring medical Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) oxygen plants for hospitals in low and middle income countries.
With enthusiasm, we took it on.
The PSA plants in-a-box and oxygen cylinders represented a new product category for us. Our category management team successfully sourced the products and signed long term agreements with several suppliers, such as PCI Gases, Groupe Novair, Sinopharm & Meditech, Ultra Controlo and Atlas Copco & Oxymat.
Recently, i+solutions expanded its services to turn-key medical oxygen PSA plant solutions supporting the in-country stakeholders with site preparation activities such as design and construction. With these expanded services, the hospitals will have access to quality compliant medical oxygen PSA plants and fully prepared sites.
Our supply chain services team faces several new challenges, ranging from finding experienced civil engineers in-country, making sure the health facilities have the right power supply, a storage area for the oxygen cylinders and a proper foundation before the PSA plant is actually installed.
Some of the health facilities are in remote or difficult to reach areas, like in Indonesia where we are currently working to deliver 7 plants to 7 different hospitals. Pictures of the PSA plants and of the site preparation work can be found in the below slideshow. As you can see on the map of Indonesia, the health facilities are far apart, they can only be reached by vessel and the crane to unload the plants needs to be brought along. Fortunately, we work with reliable and experienced logistic service providers. In case of the deliveries in Indonesia, it’s one of our pre-qualified logistics service providers carrying out the delivery and unloading of the PSA plants.

A big shout out to our team, our partners and all other parties involved for adventuring on this path and making it happen

i+ OXY presentation March2023 slides for LinkedIn v3.mp4