• i+solutions leads consortium to streamline patient access to essential treatments in Nigeria

    i+solutions is the lead partner in a consortium working with the Nigerian government on the Nigerian Supply Chain Integration Project (NSCIP).
    Financed by the Global Fund and administered by the Nigerian Ministry of Health, the objective of NSCIP is to improve patient access and availability of medicines – through visibility, control and efficient last mile delivery, which aims to reach health facilities in the most remote parts of the country.  It will also ensure tighter integration of zonal supply chains between Federal & State, Donors, Public & Private Sector, and across commodities - HIV, Malaria, TB, Reproductive Health and Vaccines. 

  • Using e-learning for SCM

    i+solutions, in collaboration with the Swiss Tropical Institute of Public Health, developed an e-course on the Introduction to SCM in healthcare as part of a MBA in International Health Management.

    The course was offered on a comprehensive learning platform, based on a constructivist educational approach, where participants learn from each other and their experiences, in addition to basic theory. Formal academic assessment tools, academic assignments and students’ feedback were used to evaluate the outcome of the course.

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