Shipment with donations to Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has been ongoing for almost 4 months now and the end is not in sight.

Demand for medical supplies remains very high in Ukraine, not just on the frontline. i+solutions responded a few months ago by setting up a crowd funding to collect funds to buy medical supplies from the organisations we work with on a daily basis and ship them via our network to Ukraine. In a few weeks’ time, over 5 thousand Euros were donated which i+solutions promised to double to 10 thousand. We want to thank all the generous people for their contribution to this result!

Our procurement department set out to contact our suppliers and procure the goods. A first full truck, sponsored by Van der Wal Transport, has moved to Ukraine a few weeks ago. The shipment consists of all kind of medical supplies, and instead of having to use the donated funds, most of these supplies were donated by the suppliers themselves.

We want to thank IDA Charity Foundation, Medical Export Group (MEG) and Van der Wal Transport  for their huge contribution and help. As much as 56 pallets of medical supplies for a value of 150 thousand Euros have been shipped to Ukraine via Hungary and Romania.

A lot of energy has gone into managing all stakeholders and preparing the documentation to ensure a smooth passage through the transit countries. We want to thank all our colleagues for making it happen.

Currently, at the border between Romania and Ukraine, there is a 20 kilometre waiting line to enter the country. Since our shipment consists of medical supplies and donations, we got permission to use the so-called green corridor, that allowed us to pass by the waiting line. The shipment has been brought as far as a government owned warehouse 50 kilometres from the border.

Please see the attached video footage that was made after the shipment was delivered to the PR (Principal Recipient) “Zakon i poryadok”.

The remaining donated funds will be used for a second shipment to Ukraine that we will start preparing as soon as possible. We will update you in the near future.

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