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I have always wanted to work for a company with a more ideological background and I found that in i+solutions. Well, at first I thought it was an IT company, the name seems to imply it, but when I read about the purpose and mission, I was immediately interested. I first applied as a PA to the CEO, before passing on to my current role in communication. My interview with HR and CEO felt like we made a click right away. Having spent most of my career in management support functions, I wanted to develop myself in a different direction, but still close to my heart, and chose to do a Corporate Communication training during the Covid-19 lockdowns. i+ was always supportive of my ambition and trusted me to try things out, which eventually led to me leaving my comfort zone and plunging into this new role. I am really given the time to grow into it too, which is great. Employees who have ideas and ambition to develop themselves, will be given the chance here. It’s hard work in a dynamic environment, but it pays off. I also feel i+ pays a very decent salary, considering that this is a not-for-profit foundation. i+solutions really fits me like a glove; the work, the team, the purpose.

Annette de Nie

Communications Officer and PA to CEO