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I have always had the ambition to work internationally, and supply chain management was an excellent field of business to pursue that. After my graduation, I worked in a big pharma company for a while, but I knew back then already that my heart truly lay in the field of humanitarian supply chain management. I have always been eager to use ‘commercial’ practices for the benefit of helping others. Therefore, the i+solutions mission, culture and ambitions seamlessly integrate with my personal values and beliefs.

When I joined i+solutions back in 2006, the total number of staff was about 10 people, so there was no such thing as onboarding. Moreover, and this a true story, I applied for the position of ‘Tender Coordinator’. During my interview, we talked about my educational history and the ambitions of i+solutions (back then named IDA solutions) and I was hired as ‘Logistics Consultant’. In the months after, I transformed to the role of Procurement Specialist and held many other roles after. So, how I was onboarded, moving into new roles very quickly, is something that struck me the most and has been one of the most compelling aspects of my career within i+solutions.

Staff are given the opportunity to grow and develop if they have the ambition to do so. Individuals can really put a personal stamp to their own career within the organization. But vertical growth is not the only way how people can develop further. i+solutions also gives the opportunity for people to develop in a certain expertise and grow as a content professional. I have been developing from a content field (procurement and supply chain management) and through project management, IT implementation towards business excellence and innovation. And I am not unique in my journey, I have seen other colleagues following a similar path or the other way around, from management position towards a more expert-based position. I think the most important message I want to give is that individuals themselves can play a big part in writing their own career path.

i+ creates impact by :

  • innovating new ideas and ambitions
  • implementing with the right tools and techniques
  • interrelating to everyone sharing the same ambition
  • inspiring the full eco-system to go the extra mile
  • imagining concepts and visualizations to achieve the best results

And with this: make the world a better place for everyone.

Anuschka Veldhuis
Head of Innovation