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The mission of i+, making essential medicines accessible to all, is what attracted me the most. I have always had a heart of making an impact in the lives of others, for which I get myself involved in various volunteering activities. When I found that I can also do the same through my work, I was motivated to go for it. Also, through a friend (who is also an employee of i+), I was impressed with the diversity of the organization and the sense of being valued that was present in i+.

The onboarding process was basically simple and welcoming, with flowers and a team lunch. When I got the overview of all the departments in i+, I was struck by the openness and the ease of accessibility, irrespective of the hierarchy.

I have not been with i+solutions for that long, but so far, i+ has given me the opportunity to explore new areas in my technology and develop my technical/ functional skills, providing me the space to set my priorities and goals. I also got to participate in various discussions and provide my views around the future strategic roadmap of the company. So I would say, i+solutions is characterised most by trust and open communication.

Ezhil Dhanapalan
Performance Information Specialist