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I was working for a fashion company and felt I needed to make more impact with my work, especially as the world was in the middle of the Covid crisis at the time. I thought, how can I use my knowledge and skills to contribute to this situation in the world? I found the vacancy on LinkedIn and immediately thought i+solutions was an interesting company, supply chain focused, and very diverse. I was hired during one of the lockdowns, so the office was quite empty, apart from my direct colleagues who were on my team. I felt very welcome and got introduced to all relevant people. I started to work on procuring personal protective equipment, like face masks and gloves, so at that time it was a very hectic period.

A lot of effort is done by management to help people develop, so the opportunities are there. I was enrolled in the High Potential program, from which I got more than I expected, practising a lot of soft skills, growing my self confidence, learning how to present and for example lead a discussion. In the HiPo program, I worked on a project that was completely new to me, together with the other HiPo’s from outside my team. Of course, it takes time to grow into a new role, this does happen overnight, you have to bring experience. I am at the moment trying to find out what fits me, where do I want to be a few years from now, and within i+ there is room for such a search.

i+solutions has a family oriented culture, we have a similar mindset, despite the different cultures. Diverse but alike.

Paul Wintgens
Global Supply Chain Planner