i+pledge social program

i+pledge social program

i+pledge is the i+solutions sponsorship program that brings together the private and non-profit sector with in-country health supply chain staff to improve access to health supplies.
The program focuses on the future of healthcare and the sustainable improvement of access to health in low and middle income countries, by means of empowering local actors in the supply chain through the e-learning platform i+academy.

As a non-profit organisation with a decade of experience in e-learning in health supply chain management in low-and middle income countries, i+solutions can help private companies increase the impact of their Corporate Social Responsibility programs and support health personnel who manage health commodities through the supply chain so that they reach the patients who need them.

The sponsorship allows health professionals to follow online practical, skill-based supply chain courses, to improve their professional skills and enhance their development and potential.

i+pledge iplussolutions sponsorship program

If you make a pledge in our sponsorship program, i+solutions recruits participants, provides them with access to our practical, reputable training on supply chain management, adapted to the context of the student. The participants will get trained in effective, relevant best practices in supply chain management, including in-country distribution of health products, monitoring and evaluation of data.

The three available levels of sponsorship are: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Bronze pledge:

By investing 10.000 usd,
20 trainees
can be onboarded
on the program

Silver pledge:

a total investment of
25.000 usd results
in 50 health care
workers trained

gold pledge:

For organisations with a
bigger CSR budget, we offer
a 50.000 usd package that
will allow up to 100 trainees
to be part of the initiative.

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i+pledge iplussolutions sponsorship program