Airway,Guedel ,sterile, single use

General description

Airway, Guedel, sterile, single patient use, available sizes: size 0 (50mm), size 1 (60mm), size 2 (70mm), size 3(80mm), size 4(90mm) and size 5(100mm)

Technical specifications

Oro-pharyngeal airway, Guedel type.

Semi-rigid, transparent.

Proximal (or buccal) end straight and reinforced.

Flange color coded and/or marked with corresponding size number.

Material: Polyethylene/vinyl acetate (EVA) – Polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Sterile, single patient use.

Initial sterilization method: Ethylene oxide gas or gamma radiation.

Quality Standards

ISO 13485


Shelf life

Minimum 60 months

Storage and transportation

Avoid Storage at extreme temperatures and humidity levels.

Check the integrity of each unit before use.

Packaging and labeling

Primary packaging: Unit of use

One (1) airway Guedel in a plastic bag.

Instructions for use

An airway adjunct used for the purpose of maintaining patency of a patient’s airway, preventing the tongue from covering the epiglottis.

Used in emergency care for short term airway management or for use during anesthesia.

Correct size selected by measuring the distance between the first incisors and the angle of the jaw.

Safety process

This item is sterile and for single patient use.

Supplied in sterile packaging.

Do not use if packaging is damaged.