Colorimetric end tidal CO2 detector

Colorimetric end tidal CO2 detector

Adult/Pediatric, Colorimetric end tidal CO2 detector, non-sterile, single use

General description

The adult/Pediatric CO2 detector attaches directly to the endotracheal (ET) tube and responds quickly to exhaled CO2 by changing from purple to yellow.

Technical Specifications

  • Detects exhaled CO2 levels during intubation for up to two hours
  • Displays constant and easy-to-see visual feedback with breath-to-breath response
  • Uses the familiar purple-to-yellow color scheme clinicians have used for years
  • Suitable for patient weight more than 15kg
  • Polypropylene and acrylic for Filter
  • Acrylic polymer for device body
  • Non-sterile, Single use

Quality Standards

ISO 13485

FDA Medical Device Class II

Shelf life

26 Months

Storage and Transportation

Avoid Storage at extreme temperatures and humidity levels.

Check the integrity of each unit before use.


24 units per case

Instructions for Use

The subject device, when connected between an endotracheal tube and a breathing device,

detects approximate ranges of end-tidal CO2 by color comparison in patients. The detector

may be used during patient transport or in any location where intubations are performed. It

may be used for up to 2 hours.