Infusion giving set burette

Infusion giving set, with burette, sterile, single use, piece, box

Infusion giving, with burette, Sterile, Disposable

General description

Infusion giving set with burette is used to administer measured volume of fluids from a container to a patient’s vascular system through a needle or catheter inserted into a vein.

Technical Specifications and Components

  • Graduated chamber (burette): Transparent. Capacity: approximately 100-150ml. Graduations every ml.
  • Drop per ml: 60 drops
  • Tubing: Transparent tubing, minimum length 150cm
  • Air inlet
  • Air filter
  • Flow regulator
  • Sterile
  • Disposable

Quality Standards

ISO 13485


Shelf life

36 months

Storage and transportation

• Protect from heat and store in a dry place.

• Keep away from sunlight and light sources.

• Store and transport in the original packaging.


Safety process

This item is sterile and for single patient use.

Supplied in sterile packaging.

Do not use if packaging is damaged.