Mechanical Ventilator

General description

Ventilator, Intensive Care, for adult and pediatric patients, AC and battery powered, with accessories

Important Information

Oxygen concentrators are not suitable for use as an oxygen source for mechanical ventilators. The technical specifications listed below are the minimum requirements that ventilators can perform and fulfill according to the WHO requirements. The detailed technical specifications and contents for each ventilator model may be slightly different. Therefore information relating to the  specific product model i.e. product brochure, package insert, etc. to be supplied  will be sent to the Principal Recipient for acceptance and  approval prior to ordering

Note: Ventilators are complex devices which require trained medical staff to operate and qualified technical staff for maintenance. In addition, ventilators require specific infrastructure provisions to be able to operate. Therefore, ventilators should only be ordered after consultation and necessary approvals with in the  Ministry of Health

Technical Specifications

At least IP21 degree of protection to the harmful ingress of water (fluid spill resistance)

FiO2: 21 to 100 %.

Minimum Inspiratory flow: 1 – 160 [L/min]

Minimum Inspiratory pressure: 0 – 40 [cmH2O]

Minimum RR: 10 to 60 [breaths/min]

Minimum PEEP: 0 to 20 [cmH2O]

Minimum available ventilation mode: A/C-PC Assist control (pressure control) ; A/C-VC: Assist control (volume control); CPAP: Continuous positive airway pressure; PSV: Pressure support ventilation; S/T: Spontaneous/timed ventilation; SIMV-PC: Synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation (pressure control); SIMV-VC: Synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation (volume control)

The availability of alarms, related to gas delivered; High/low FiO2;High/low inspiratory pressure and PEEP; High/low tidal volume (not achieved or exceeded); Apnoea, adjustable from 10-30 sec; High/low respiratory rate; Continuously high pressure/occlusion; Breathing circuit disconnect.

The availability of alarms, related to equipment operation: Visual and audible for: Gas supply failure; Power failure; Low battery.

Quality Standards

ISO 13485


Items minimally supplied with:

Ventilator main unit – 1 piece

Power cable – 1 piece

Filter – 1 piece

Patient circuit – 1 piece

Humidifier – 1 piece

Stand –  1 piece

User Manual – 1 piece

Quality Certificate  – 1 piece

Operating conditions

Operates at temperature of 5 to 40 °C and humidity of 0 to 85% RH

Operates from AC power electric line: 100-240 V , 50/60 Hz.

In-built rechargeable battery. Automatic switch from AC power electric-line mode to battery operating mode and vice versa. Equipment must be connected to a continuous source of power. Note that power plugs may vary across countries

Installation requirements

Strongly recommended

User training requirements

Strongly recommended

Technical training requirements

Strongly recommended

Warranty Period

2 years