Medical Oxygen Aluminium Alloy Seamless Gas Cylinder

General description:

Aluminium seamless Cylinders and Carbon fiber wrapped cylinders are used as medical oxygen cylinders replacing the steel one. With 40% weight reduction than steel cylinders, the aluminium cylinders are safe and easy to carry.

Important Information

The technical specifications listed below are the minimal requirement that the medical oxygen aluminium alloy seamless gas cylinders can perform and fulfill according to the WHO requirements. The detailed technical specifications and drawings can be slightly different across models. The specific product model and drawing will be sent for your approval prior to next steps.

Available Sizes:

Water Capacity of 2,32L at 150 Bar

Water Capacity of 23,6L at 150 Bar

Water Capacity of 47,2L at 150 Bar

Water Capacity of 5L at 200 Bar

Water Capacity of 10L at 200 Bar

Water Capacity of 50L at 200 Bar

Technical Specification:

  • Refillable cylinders for medical grade compressed oxygen or air.
  • Color Coding according to local requirement (ISO/ANSI/CGA/NFPA)
  • Fitted with either bullnose (5/8 inch BSP (F) / BS 341 valve) or pin-index valve (ISO 407/BS 850/CGA 870 valve)
  • Supplied with valve stem cap / safety cap
  • Stamped onto shoulder:
  • Nominal and test pressures
  • Cylinder capacity (water litres)
  • Weight (kg)
  • Date of manufacture
  • Serial number
  • Company and country of origin
  • Suitable for continuous operation in ambient temperature of at least 5–45 °C, relative humidity of at least 15–90% non condensing
  • Capable of being stored in ambient temperature of at least 5–50 °C, relative humidity of at least 15–95% non condensing


Quality Standards

ISO 9001  


Main maintenance tasks:

Keep dry and away from magnetic field and heat source. Safety test every 3 years


Installation and training:

installation and safety training to principal recipient upon delivery of cylinders can be conducted. Online or physical face to face training can be done depending on the country and travel restrictions


Warranty Period:

Minimal 3 years for cylinder and 1 year for valve