Nasal Cannula, High flow with tubing & patient interfaces

Nasal Cannula, High flow with tubing & patient interfaces, with accessories

General description

Nasal Cannula, High flow with tubing & patient interfaces with accessories. Available sizes for Neonatal, Pediatric and Adult.

Technical specifications

  • Made from non-toxic Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
  • Delivers up to 60L/min of gas without increasing resistance
  • The nasal inhaler conforms to the physiological arc and the soft nasal inhaler conforms to the anatomical structure to provide the maximum comfort for the patient.
  • The headband is adjustable and provides a firm fit which increases the comfort of the patient.
  • Sterile by Ethylene oxide
  • Single patient use

Quality Standards

ISO 13485


Shelf life

Minimum 60 months

Storage and transportation

Avoid storage at extreme temperatures and humidity levels.

Check the integrity of each unit before use.


Nasal inhaler – 1 piece

Branch tube  Р1 piece

Main tube – 1 piece

Tube connector – 1 piece

Connector – 1 piece

Clip – 1 piece

Packaging and labeling

Primary packaging: Unit of use

Packing contents: One high flow nasal cannula set in a plastic bag.

Instructions for use

Nasal cannula patient interface for delivery of humidified respiratory gases. High flow nasal cannula plays an important role in the air transmission of nasal high flow therapy, which delivers heated humidified air and oxygen mixtures at flow rates of up to 60L/min to the patient through the non-sealed nasal cannula. Suitable for spontaneous breathing patients who withdraw from the ventilator.

Safety process

This item is sterile and for single patient use.

Supplied in sterile packaging.

Do not use if packaging is damaged.