Non Invasive Ventilator (BiPAP)

General description

Non Invasive Ventilator, Bi-level positive airway pressure, for adult and pediatric mode, AC powered, with accessories

Important Information

Oxygen concentrators are not suitable to be used as an oxygen source for other medical equipment providing respiratory support, such as ventilators, CPAP devices, High Flow Nasal Cannula, etc.

The technical specifications listed below are the minimal requirement that the BiPAP devices can perform and fulfill according to the WHO requirements. The detailed technical specifications and packing contents can be slightly different across models. The specific product model and information will be sent for your approval prior to next steps.

Technical Specifications

Ventilation Mode: S/T, CPAP, S, T, PC

Pressure Range : 4- 30 cmH2O

Connectable to oxygen source

Alarms, related to gas delivered; Visual and audible for: High/Low Temperature; Breathing circuit disconnection.

Availability of alarms, related to equipment operation: Visual, audible and clearly indicating the problem for: Lack of water; System failure; Power failure; Low battery.

Operates from AC power electric line: 100-240 V ~, 50/60 Hz.

Automatic switch from AC power electric-line mode to battery operating mode and vice versa. Equipment must be connected to a continuous source of power. Note that power plugs may vary across countries

Quality Standards

ISO 13485

Directive 93/42/EEC

Items minimally supplied with

BiPAP Main Unit – 1 piece

Breathing Tube  – 1 piece

Humidifier Tube  – 1 piece

Full face Mask – 1 piece

Trolley  – 1 piece

Humidifier – 1 piece

User Manual  – 1 piece

Power cord  – 1 piece

Quality certificate  – 1 piece

Installation requirements

The User Manual supplied with the device details all installation which can be undertaken by users.

User training requirements

The User Manual supplied with the device details all operation procedures for user.

Technical training requirements

The User Manual supplied with the device details all maintenance and troubleshooting procedures which can be undertaken by users.

Note: Contact Iplussolutions if additional installation and training requirements are required beyond user manual

Warranty Period

2 years