Patient Monitor

Patient Monitor with accessories, 6 Parameters

Patient Monitor with accessories, 6 Parameters

General description:

Patient Monitor with accessories that can be used for clinical monitoring with adult, pediatric and neonate. User may select different parameter configuration according to different requirement.  At least the following 6 physiological parameters; ECG, heart rate, respiration rate, Non-invasive blood pressure and pulse oximetry and temperature are included.

Important Information

The technical specifications listed below are the minimal requirement that the Patient Monitoring can perform and fulfill according to the WHO requirements. The detailed technical specifications and packing contents can be slightly different across models. The specific product model and information will be sent for your approval prior to next steps.

Technical Specifications:

Dynamic digital display that can show all active parameters.

Operator can set audio-visual alarm levels for low or high levels of each parameter independently.

ECG patient connectors that are sterilizable and reusable

Minimum 3 leads (and up to 12 leads) ECG measurement and selectable display; an extra option for simple five-lead connection preferred.

Heart rate measurement range to be at least 30–250 bpm, with accuracy better than ± 5 bpm and minimum gradation 1 bpm.

SpO2 measurement range at least 70–99 %, with accuracy better than ± 3% and minimum gradation 1%.

Blood pressure monitoring range at least 30–270 mmHg, minimum gradation 1 mmHg. Cuff sizes neonatal/paediatric and adult. User selectable measurement intervals.

Internal pump for cuff inflation for non-invasive blood pressure measurement, with over pressure protection

Temperature probe to be reusable, external skin contact type, but consumable to protect between patients or disinfection method explained.

Temperature range at least 30–40 °C, minimum gradation 0.1 °C.

Respiration rate measurement range at least 0–100 bpm, minimum gradation 1 bpm.

Automatic and programmable memory

Storage of continuous monitoring data

Trace signal velocity of at least 25 mm/s.

Operated by line electrical power supply with internal replaceable rechargeable battery backup allows operation for at least 1 hour in the event of power failure.

Operates from AC power electric line: 100–240 V~/50–60 Hz.

Capable of operating continuously in ambient temperature of 10–40 °C and relative humidity of 15–85% (90% preferable)

Quality Standards

ISO 13485

DIRECTIVE 93/42/EEC or fda

Installation requirements:

The User Manual supplied with the device details all installation which can be undertaken by users.

User training requirements:

The User Manual supplied with the device details all operation procedures for user.

Technical training requirements:

The User Manual supplied with the device details all maintenance and troubleshooting procedures which can be undertaken by users.

Note: Contact Iplussolutions if additional installation and training requirements are required beyond user manual

Warranty Period:

At least 5 years