Pressure Regulator with Flow Meter and Bubble Humidifier

General description:

The Medical Oxygen Regulator is composed of flowmeter, a pressure gauge, pressure-relief, humidification bottle. The device is used to reduce high cylinder pressure to a lower

pressure suitable for use with medical equipment or for delivery of gas directly to a patient.

Important Information

The technical specifications listed below are the minimal requirement that the medical oxygen regulator can perform and fulfill according to the WHO requirements. The detailed technical specifications can be slightly different across models. The specific product model will be sent for your approval prior to next steps.

Technical Specification:

  • Inlet pressure 150 Bar/ 200 Bar
  • Gauge range: 250 Bar
  • Inlet Connection: G5/8 (Male/Female) G3/4 CGA540 CGA870 W21.8
  • Outlet Connection: Hose Barb 6-8mm
  • Flowmeter Range: 0 – 15L flow accuracy is within ±10%.
  • Bubble Humidifier Capacity: 200ml

Quality Standards

ISO 13485


Warranty Period:

1 year