Resuscitator set (mask and bag), manual, piece, box

Resuscitator set(mask and bag), manual, available for neonatal, child and adult type, reusable

General description

Hand-operated resuscitator used for mechanical ventilation of adult , paediatric and neonatal patients.

Technical Specifications and Components

  • Compressible self-refilling ventilation bag: silicone rubber, or other materials specified in ISO10651-4 or equivalent.
  • One-way valve: polycarbonate; polysulfide; silicone, or any other material fulfilling ISO 10651-4 or equivalent
  • Oxygen reservoir bag: bag is made of silicone and valve of polycarbonate/polysulfone or any materials fulfilling ISO10651-4 or equivalent.
  • Reusable after disinfection under high temperature and high-pressure environment

Quality Standards

ISO 13485


Shelf life

Minimum 36 months

Storage and transportation

• Protect from heat and store in a dry place.

• Keep away from sunlight and light sources.

• Store and transport in the original packaging.