Suction Pump Foot operated

Venturi mask and tubing, non-sterile, single use, piece, box

Venturi Mask, Non-sterile, Adult and Child Type, Disposable

General description

Venturi mask delivers oxygen, with a specific concentration from 24–50% and flow rates between 1 – 10 LPM

Technical Specifications

  • The kit of the mask includes the tubing, humidity cup and multiple jets, which are colour-coded and indicating the percentage of oxygen.
  • Available type for adult and child
  • Six color coded diluters for six concentrations:24%(4LPM),28%(4LPM),31%(6LPM),35%(8LPM),40%(8LPM),50%(10LPM)
  • With adjustable nose clip and elastic strap
  • Made of clear, medical grade PVC
  • Anti-crush tube ensuring oxygen follow even if the tube is kinked
  • Non-sterile
  • Disposable

Quality Standards

ISO 13485


Shelf life

36 months

Storage and transportation

• Protect from heat and store in a dry place.

• Keep away from sunlight and light sources.

• Store and transport in the original packaging.