Voltage Stabilizer 1kva

Voltage Stabilizer,1 kVA

Voltage Stabilizer, 1 kVA

General description:

Stabilizer designed to reduce fluctuations in input voltage. Single Phase.

Technical Specifications:

•100% fully rated power capacity

•CPU intelligent control design to withstand all kinds of loads

•Main Control PCB adopts SMT process.

•Electronic components all adopt imported brands.

• LCD screen, easy setup with menu button

•Overload, Under/Over Voltage, Short Circuit, Bypass protection

•Input Rated Voltage: 1*220VAC (1Phase + N)

•Output Rated Voltage: 1*220VAC (1Phase + N)

•Output Efficiency ≥98%

•Response time ≤0.5S

Quality Standards

Directives (2014/30/EU and 2014/35/EU).


Installation requirements:

The User Manual supplied with the device details all installation which can be undertaken by users.

Warranty Period:

2 years