Strengthening Mali’s Health Systems: i+solutions partners with Palladium on New USAID Project

Mali has seen significant improvement in some health outcomes over the past two decades, but challenges remain across systems, supply chains, data use, and quality of care in a decentralised health sector.

Over the past two decades, some health outcomes have improved significantly in Mali. But there are still major challenges in Mali for all systems, data use, supply chains, quality of care and decentralized health sector.

To help address these challenges, USAID has awarded a Palladium-led team the 5-year Mali Health Systems Strengthening, Governance, and Financing Activity (HSS).

Learn more about HSS and how i+solutions joined with Palladium for the first time as a major partner on a USAID health systems strengthening and service delivery project.

Read more about this on the Palladium website.